Exhibition at Textilmuseet, Borås September 2015:

Nothing to wear / To make clothes that matter

- An exhibition about the value of clothing and its importance for the individual.

Sept 1st - Oct 4th
Textilmuseet Borås

TUE          12 - 8 PM
WED-FRI   12 - 5 PM
SAT-SUN   12 - 4 PM
MON          Closed

Vernissage Sept 1 at 5.30 PM
This exhibition showcases two projects: "To make clothes that matter" and "Nothing to wear".

To make clothes that matter
How can we design garnments and accessories that have meaning? Eleven designers from the fashion industry
and students from the Swedish School of Textiles, Beckmans College of Design and the University College of Arts,
Crafts and Design (Konstfack) exhibit outfits and accessories that focus on values.
Designers: Angella Mackey, Elin Melin, Sara Lundberg, Iman Aldebe, Linda Holten Ramsvik,  Robert&Blad,
Victoria Cleverby, Petra Dahlin, Fiffi Wilton, Malin Unga, & Mathilda Nilsson.

Nothing to wear
Challenges the idea that you don't have anything to wear. Through an image of all of my clothing, I want to see
with my own eyes and attempt to understand the value of each item and their true significance.
By: Pia Mouwitz

Exhibition at Textilmuseet September 2015