Seniors (former and currents):

1.   Ilona Sarvari Horvath (Associate Prof.)
2.   Patrik Lennartsson (Assistant Prof.)
3.   Akram Zamani (Assistant Prof.)
4.   Päivi Ylitervo (Assistant Prof.)
5.   Tomas Brandberg (Assistant Prof., 2011-2014)
6.   Elisabeth Feuk-Lagerstedt (Assistant Prof. 2004-2015)

Postdocs (former and currents):

1.   Keikhosro Karimi (2008-2010)
2.   Ho Ky Quang Minh (2010-2012)
3.   Supansa Youngsukkasem (2013-2015)
4.   Päivi Ylitervo (2014)
5.   Marisa Soares Borges (2014-2015)
6.   Mofoluwake Ishola (2015)
7.   Swarnima Agnihotri Kumar (2015-)
8.   Jorge Ferreira (2106-)

Current PhD students:

1.       Ramkumar Balachandran Nair: Ethanol from lignocelluloses using fungi, University of Borås (anticipated 2017)
2.       Mostafa Jabbari: Material development for textile bioreactors, University of Borås (anticipated 2018)
3.       Osagie Alex Osadolor: Ethanol production using textile bioreactors, University of Borås (anticipated 2018)
4.       Regina Jijoho Patinvoh: Biogas production by dry fermentation, University of Borås (anticipated 2018)
5.       Konstantinos Chandolias: Biogas production fro syngas using membrane bioreactors, University of Borås (anticipated 2019)
6.       Pedro Ferreira de Souza Filho: Ethanol and biopolymers using zygomycetes fungi, University of Borås (anticipated 2018)
7.       Veronika Bátori: Biofilm production from filamentous fungi and citrus wastes, University of Borås (anticipated 2019)
8.       Lukitawesa: Biogas production using membrane bioreactors, University of Borås (anticipated 2019)
9.      Amir Mahboobi: Developing reverse membrane bioreactors, University of Borås (anticipated 2019)

Graduated PhDs:

1.       Ria Millati: Ethanol production from lignocellulosic materials: Potential of continuous cultivation, immobilization and zygomycetes fungi. Chalmers Univ. of Technol. (Jun. 2005)
2.       Keikhosro Karimi: Ethanol production from rice straw, Isfahan Univ. of Tech., Iran (Sep. 2005)
3.       Ronny Purwadi: Development of a continuous cultivation process for fermentation of dilute-acid hydrolyzates. University of Borås/ Chalmers Univ. of Technol. (Sep. 2006)
4.       Farid Talebnia: Ethanol Production from Cellulosic Biomass by Encapsulated Saccharomyces cerevisiae. University of Borås/ Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Sweden (Apr. 2008)
5.       Mohammad Pourbafrani: Citrus Waste Biorefinery: Process Development, Simulation and Economic Analysis; University of Borås (May 2010)
6.       Akram Zamani: Superabsorbent polymers from the cell wall of zygomycetes fungi, University of Borås (Oct. 2010)
7.       Azam Jeihanipour: Waste Textiles Bioprocessing to Ethanol and Biogas, University of Borås (May 2011)
8.       Patrik Lennartsson: Zygomycetes and cellulose residuals: hydrolysis, cultivation and applications, University of Borås (Feb. 2012)
9.       Gergely Forgacs: Biogas Production from Citrus Wastes and Chicken Feather: Pretreatment and Co-digestion, University of Borås (Jun. 2012)
10.    Supansa Youngsukkasem: Rapid biogas production by methane-producing bacteria encased in polymeric membranes, University of Borås/ Asian Inst of Tech., Thailand (Dec. 2012)
11.    Anna Teghammar: Biogas Production from Lignocelluloses: Pretreatment, Substrate Characterization, Co-digestion and Economic Evaluation; University of Borås (May 2013)
12.     Isroi: Improvement of digestibility and structural changes of oil palm empty fruit bunches by Pleurotus floridanus and phosphoric acid pretreatment, Chalmers Univ. of Technol./Gadjah Mada university, Indonesia (Sep. 2013)
13.    Johan Westman: Ethanol production from lignocellulose using high local cell density yeast cultures: Investigations of flocculating and encapsulated Saccharomyces cerevisiae; University of Borås/ Chalmers Univ. of Tech.,  (Feb. 2014)
14.    Solmaz Aslanzadeh: Pretreatment of cellulosic waste and high-rate biogas production, University of Borås (Feb. 2014)
15.    Hamidreza Barghi: Functionalization of Synthetic Polymers for Membrane Bioreactors; University of Borås (Feb. 2014)
16.    Päivi Ylitervo: Concepts for improving ethanol productivity from lignocellulosic materials: Encapsulated yeast and membrane bioreactors: Ethanol production from lignocellulosic materials using encapsulated yeast; University of Borås (April 2014)
17.    Mofoluwake Ishola: Novel application of membrane bioreactors in lignocellulosic ethanol production : simultaneous saccharification, filtration and fermentation (SSFF), University of Borås (October 2014)
18.    Rachma Wikandari: Effect of fruit flavours on anaerobic digestion: Inhibitions and solutions, University of Borås (Nov. 2014)
19.    Maryam Mohseni Kabir: Bioprocessing of Recalcitrant Substrates for Biogas Production, University of Borås (Oc. 2015)
20.    Julius Akinbomi: Fermentative hydrogen and methane productions using membrane bioreactors, University of Borås (Oct. 2015)
21.    Karthik Rajendran: Industrial Bioprocess Developments for Biogas and Ethanol Production, University of Borås (Nov. 2015)
22.    Jorge F. Ferreira: Integration of filamentous fungi in ethanol dry-mill biorefinery, University of Borås (Nov. 2015)
23.    Jhosane Pages Diaz: Biogas from Slaughterhouse Waste: Mixture interactions in co-digestion, University of Borås (Dec. 2015)

Graduated Licenciates (½PhDs):

19.    Robert Kjellstrand: Hydraulic behaviour in an activated sludge tank : from tracer test through hydraulic modelling to full-scale implementation, Dept. Chemical Reaction Eng., Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Sweden (Licenciate (½Ph.D.) 2006)

Guest Ph.D. students in Borås:

1.       Hendarawi: Treatment of ethanol process stillage with bio-coagulant Moringa Oleifera, Bogor Agricultural University (Indonesia), 2014
2.       Soltana Fellahi: Keratinase gene isolation from feather chicken degrading-bacterium, University of Mostaganem (Tunisia), 2014-2015
3.       Witold Pietrzak: Ethanol production by ascomycetes fungi, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Science (Poland), 2014-2015
4.       Sindor Pardayev: Biogas production from wastes, Samarknad Agricultural Institute (Uzbekistan), 2014-2016
5.       Mohsen Asadollahzadeh: Cultivation of zygomycetes fungi on sulfite liquor, Gorgan University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources (Iran): 2014-2015
6.       Behzad Satari: Production of oil, chitosan and pectin from citrus wastes using zygomycetes fungi, Isfahan University of Technology (Iran): 2014-2015
7.       Mushafau Adebayo Oke: Pretreatment of lignocelluloses for production of cellulase using Bacillus sp., University of Malaya (Malaysia): 2015