Pågående doktorandprojekt

Här finner du listan över pågående doktorandprojekt inom Textil materialteknik.

Doktorand Huvudhandledare Arbetstitel Planerat disputationsår
Sina Seipel
Development of a photochromic inkjet ink as smart textile sensor 2018
Karin Rundqvist
Development of textile sensors for monitoring physological electrical signals within healtg care applications 2019
Razieh Hashemi Sanatgar

Novel processes for functional and smart textiles 2018
Felicia Syrén
Titel saknas 2020
Melkie Tadesse   Quality inspection and evaluation for smart textile fabric surface by skin contact mechanics 2019
Molla Tadesse Abate
Supercritical CO2 technology in resource effective textile production of functional textile 2020
Niina Hernandez
3D fitting 2017
Veronica Malm   Functional textile coatings containing flake-shaped pigments 2017