Vetenskapligt seminarium

Tid: 2014-12-10, 13:00 — 14:30
Plats: A612
Evenemangstyp: Seminarium

Karen Borgnakke, professor dr. paed, University of Copenhagen, gästar Högskolan i Borås och håller ett seminarium med titeln ”Ethnographic approaches to understand learning in late modern contexts.” Seminariet följs direkt av ett post-seminarium som pågår till kl. 17:00 ca.

Professor Borgnakke skriver:

In my talk I will  comment on challenges in terms of 

* Classic field work in late modern contexts is challenged to cover the it-based strategies on an organisational level as well as the process of learning. We need to study the political tendencies at the national (international) macro-level, the institutional mesolevel as well as we need close up studies of the inner world of classrooms.  
* Using qualitative methods in an area and times of Pisa test. We need to insist of the qualitative studies of meaning and culture to get new knowledge about what the societal changing and demands means for schools, faculties, teacher-teams, students, parent local areas etc. etc.

We need to go beyond PISA-investigations. We need new knowledge about the human and professional relations in education and we need empirical in depth analysis on it & learning as situated learning.

Arrangör: Forskargruppen PAUS