Öppet seminarium kring inkludering

Tid: 2016-11-23, 15:00 — 16:30
Plats: A614
Evenemangstyp: Seminarium

Alla intresserade bjuds härmed in till den vetenskapliga seminarieserien kring inkludering.

Pd. D. William H. Kitchen från Nordirland föreläser och leder diskussion på temat:

Educational Neuroscience: when theory meets practice

Neuroscience has taken the educational world by storm, and the impact on educational practice is clear for all to see. This talk will investigate the nuances of this field of research, and offer a critique of the manner in which the collaboration between neuroscience and education has been conducted. With a philosophical focus, I will argue that there are inherent problems in the neuroscience mode of thought, which make it fundamentally unsuitable for educational adaptation. Finally, I will offer a philosophically sound way to unravel the confusions which are embedded in educational neuroscience by appealling to the philosophy of physics as a paradigmatic example of sound philosophical inquiry.

Bio - Dr William H. Kitchen is a freelance educational researcher and teacher of mathematics in a secondary school in Northern Ireland, UK. He has an MSci in Pure Mathematics with First Class Honours, and a Ph.D in the Philosophy of Education. His research interests include, philosophy of education, educational neuroscience and the philosophy of quantum physics. He is a published scholar in the application of Wittgenstein's later philosophy to education in his book Authority and the Teacher (London, Bloomsbury), and he is due to release his second book in 2017, also with Bloomsbury, entitled A philosophical critique of neuroscience and education.