Master program: Biblioteks- och informationsvetenskap, Digitala bibliotek och informationstjänster

120 hp, heltid 100% – distans

Dear student,

We welcome you cordially to our programme and hope that you will enjoy our courses. Digital libraries and information services have become a landmark of the modern society. Many organizations that develop digital resources and services require new competence of meeting users, strategic thinking and managing, designing and promoting them. You will have an opportunity to acquire knowledge and skills of investigating, building, running, evaluating and putting to the effective use different types of digital libraries.

The programme includes courses that help you to understand the role and functions of digital services and libraries in society, their usefulness for individuals, professional tasks and processes that librarians and information specialists have to manage, technological background, managerial issues and research directions within this developing area of library and information science.

You will study online full-time for two years. Therefore, you have a possibility to do it almost entirely at home and at your own pace. Working at your own pace might mean that you study only half-time. You may do that as long as you take responsibility for planning studies yourself.

You should have access to a new computer and internet connection that enables you to use multimedia, video and audio files. You may have to buy some software and teaching materials. On the other hand, you will receive lecture and seminar materials on the e-learning platform PingPong and will be able to use resources available through the Library of the University of Borås. Your teachers have also mounted a common MADL programme platform where you can find earlier and current information on the general educational issues.

Swedish School of Library and Information Science has strong contacts with the professional and research community in Sweden, Europe and around the world. The students applying to this programme also come from many countries. As a participant in the programme you will meet them online and in physical space, exchange experience and knowledge, build your own international network of professional contacts.

Distance studies require much will power and discipline and it will not be easy to follow the studies. Besides, some of the courses require you to change the usual way of thinking quite radically, regardless of your previous study background. If you have studied humanities or social sciences the challenging part will be our technological courses. If you have computer science or IT background there will be subjects dealing with human and societal issues.

Master’s programme starts on the 29th of August 2016 with courses in Digital Library Management, Technology for digital libraries 1 and Information retrieval 1. You will receive the login information as soon as you accept the placement in the programme. Do not forget to do this and register to the programme or you may lose your place in it. 

The students are required to attend residential periods in Borås when they are organized. This is a mandatory requirement.

The first residential period is planned for September 4-8, 2017 (for both Technology for digital libraries 1 and Information retrieval 1 courses). 

Best regards,

Programme supervisor
Elena Maceviciute


Eftersom ändringar kan ske med kort varsel är det bra att ha som vana att kolla schemat regelbundet. Till schemat (extern länk). 


Starttermin: HT 2017
Programkod: BMDD1
Programtillfälleskod: BMDD117h
Studietakt: heltid 100%
Studietid: Övrig tid
Studieort: Borås - distans


Utbildningen ges vid Akademin för bibliotek, information, pedagogik och IT.
För utbildningsspecifika frågor, kontakta akademin via:
Telefon: 033-435 4013 - telefontid varje vardag kl 10:00-12:00.

Programansvarig Elena Maceviciute
Programansvarig Helena Francke

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Utbildningsplan (pdf)

Programmets kurser

Du hittar litteraturlistan i kursplanen. Observera att kursplaner kan komma att revideras intill tidpunkten för kursregistrering. Tag alltid kontakt med kursansvarig, eller kontrollera med PingPong, innan du införskaffar litteratur.

Hösten 2017

Informationsåtervinning för digitala bibliotek 1
Kursplan och litteraturlista (pdf)
Anm. kod B02H7
Typ Obl.
Period 28 aug - 31 okt
Teknik för digitala bibliotek 1
Kursplan och litteraturlista (pdf)
Anm. kod B03H7
Typ Obl.
Period 1 nov - 14 jan
Teknik för digitala bibliotek 1
Kursplan och litteraturlista (pdf)
Anm. kod B78H7
Typ Obl.
Period 1 nov - 14 jan
Utveckling och ledning av digitala bibliotek
Kursplan och litteraturlista (pdf)
Anm. kod B01H7
Typ Obl.
Period 28 aug - 14 jan

Våren 2018

Användare och informationspraktiker i digitala miljöer
Kursplan och litteraturlista (pdf)
Anm. kod B39V8
Typ Obl.
Period 15 jan - 21 mar
E-boken: produktion, distribution och läsning
Kursplan och litteraturlista (pdf)
Anm. kod B38V8
Typ Obl.
Period 15 jan - 3 jun
Interaktionsdesign: användbarhet och interaktion i digitala miljöer
Kursplan och litteraturlista (pdf)
Anm. kod B40V8
Typ Obl.
Period 22 mar - 3 jun

Hösten 2018

Forskningsmetoder för utveckling av digitala bibliotek
Kursplan och litteraturlista (pdf)
Anm. kod B75H8
Typ Obl.
Period 3 sep - 20 jan
Informationsåtervinning för digitala bibliotek 2
Kursplan och litteraturlista (pdf)
Anm. kod B78H8
Typ Obl.
Period 3 sep - 5 nov
Teknik för digitala bibliotek 2
Anm. kod B76H8
Typ Obl.
Period 6 nov - 20 jan