Midway seminar about Polymer Technology

Time: 2014-08-25, 13:00 — 16:00
Location: E602
Event Type: Seminar

Welcome to this midway seminar in the research field of Polymer Technology. This research aims to develop environmentally sustainable plastics, textile fibers and fiber composites. This research area is also developing new polymer materials for the manufacture of plastic products, technical textiles and composites. The seminar will be held in English. For further information please contact the lecturers.

Fatimat Bakare is presenting her research, topic: "Biobased Composites Prepared from Lactic Acid Based Thermoset Resin and Viscose Fiber".

Sunil Kumar Ramamoorthy is presenting his reasearch, topic: "Composites Based On Cellulosic Fibers and Bio-Matrices".