Seminar: Stronger research through utilization

Time: 2014-02-26, 13:15 — 15:00
Location: H301
Event Type: Seminar, Workshop

This seminar/workshop is mainly targeted on researchers at the School of Engineering.

We will have a seminar/workshop on identifying intellectual assets within our own research with Jonas Rimbäck, Innovation Advisor/Cooperation coordinator at HB and Markus Bredberg, Business Developer at Inkubatorn i Borås. Both Jonas and Markus are managing the innovation and utilization activities in the NYFORSK project (see below) together with the innovation coordinators at the institutions, where Fernando Seoane is the representative from IH.
It is hoped that by this workshop we will learn more about identifying intellectual assets in our research using tools that are easy to work with, in order to, i.e:
- extend the utilization of our research
- finding new possibilities for funding
- reach greater communication of the research results
Info: NYFORSK, NYttiggörande av FORSKningsresultat, is a project with financial and professional support from Innovationskontor Väst and is part of the IR Boost-project that runs at all the Innovationskontor Väst partners in West Sweden. The project has HB Innovation with Staffan Lööf, Director of Development at HB, as steering group. Innovationskontor Väst provide support to Innovations Advisors at the partner universities (HB is one of those) and in that sense also to researchers who wish to become better at utilizing their research. Innovationskontor Väst provide guidelines on opportunities and pitfalls in the process and provide tools and methods as well as financial resources to help researchers in the process of identifying potential valuable intellectual assets and in utilizing one’s research beyond publications."