FastForwardRewind - Consumption & Responsibility

Time: 2014-03-13, 09:00 — 18:00
Location: Arenan/Marketplace Borås, Textile Fashion Center
Event Type: Workshop

The Swedish School of Textiles arranges a workshop for all students. If everyone shows up we will be 700 participants!

It is a further development of the workshop which was held 2013, when second-hand garments became new collections. This time focus will be on ethical consumption and responsibility. Most people are aware of the complex situation of the fashion industry, but when it comes to making ethical decisions the majority feels overwhelmed. If the companies are perceived as a part of the problem, could they then also be a part of the solution?

During the day there will be lectures and group work. You are welcome to finish the day at the knitting pub that will be held after 18.00!

Co-organizers are Texas and Modeinkubatorn.
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Pictures from the workshop 2013