Dissertation: Fabião Armando Manhiҫa, Kemiteknik

Time: 2014-10-30, 13:00 — 15:00
Location: Chalmers
Event Type: Dissertation

Fabião Armando Manhiҫa, is defending his thesis " Efficiency of a Wood-Fired Bakery Oven
– Improvement by Theoretical and Practical".

Handledare: Hans Theliander och Tobias Richards
Examinator: Hans Theliander

Wood consimption and analysis of the bread baking process in wood-fired bakery oven
Computational fluid bynamics simulation of the flow field in wood-fired bakery ovens
Evaluation of the preformace of a wood-fired bakery oven using in situ measurements
Investigation heat transfer during the baking process in a wood-fired bakery oven using 3D computational fluid dynamics
Improvement of the design of a wood-fired bakery oven using 3D

Organizer: Chalmers Tekniska Högskola