Research seminar: Tagging as Third Space

Time: 2015-04-13, 14:30 — 16:00
Location: D513
Event Type: Seminar

Kristin Johannesson, PhD student in LIS at Uppsala university, about Tagging as Third Space: Constructions of identity categories in social tagging.

In my dissertation I analyse how the identity categories adulthood, fatherhood and heterosexuality are constructed in social tagging. Social tagging lets users organise documents by adding keywords, so called tags, which can be shared with other users. This is different from traditional knowledge organisation which is often made by experts and/or guided by a more predetermined structure and terminology.

My interests include discussing such differences and developments, as well as similarities and parallels, between tagging and other knowledge organisation. The analytical and theoretical framework combines earlier critical research on knowledge organisation and theories on intersectionality, queer and gender. My empirical material consists of tags and tagged documents from the tagging systems Delicious, LibraryThing and Flickr.

The analysis is guided by questions on whether and in which ways social tagging provides opportunities for negotiations and alternative constructions of these positions and categories.

Organizer: The Swedish School of Library and Information Science