Design Seminar: Todd Nicewonger

Time: 2015-01-27, 13:00 — 14:30
Location: The Gallery, The Swedish School of Textiles
Event Type: Seminar

Todd Nicewonger is an anthropologist who specializes in apprenticeship models of learning in the applied arts, the cultural production of expertise, and moral dimensions of creativity in design education. He received his doctorate in Applied Anthropology from Columbia University and is currently a Post-doctoral Fellow at the University of Gothenburg. He will give a lecture called:

Volume, Balance and Atmosphere: Exploring the Language Practices of Makers

In this lecture I draw on fifteen months of ethnographic research among apprenticing fashion designers to explore the relationship between materiality, expertise, and language. This will involve first reflecting on my interests in studying the embodied practices of makers, followed by an analysis of how specific discourses, like volume, balance, and atmosphere, are used by fashion designers to translate design sketches into material forms. In doing so through this presentation I seek to not only explore the relationship between language and design, but also raise critical questions about how these processes reflect wider social concerns about creativity and knowledge production, more generally.

The design seminars is open for anyone and are free of charge.

Organizer: The Swedish School of Textiles