A Sustainable World and Consumer Culture

Time: 2015-06-01, 14:00 — 15:30
Location: M404
Event Type: Lecture

Richard Wilk, anthropologist at Indiana University, USA, research about the connection between climate change and consumer culture.

Richard Wilk is also lecturing June 2.

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Being Realistic about Changing Consumer Culture - Does Culture Cause Climate Change?

Any attempt to reduce greenhouse gas emissions has to address the fact that high levels of consumption are thoroughly embedded in consumer cultures, and are fundamental in the expectations of the billions of people who seek to join the global middle class. A consumer culture is built on the premise of ever-increasing wealth and constant improvement in comfort and convenience, extending to a future where we can expect that the next generation will have at the least the same ‘standard of living’ we enjoy. Increasing consumption has become one of the basic properties of the concept of progress.  In this presentation I argue that we need to recognize the depth of these culturally-mediated expectations before we can successfully imagine a sustainable consumer culture, or make realistic sense of terms like de-growth, gross national happiness, and the sharing economy.

The lecture is in english and is free of charge.