A Sustainable World and Consumer Culture

Time: 2015-06-02, 14:30 — 15:30
Location: M404
Event Type: Lecture

Richard Wilk, anthropologist at Indiana University, USA, research about the connection between climate change and consumer culture.

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Tasty or Trashy: The Changing Edibility of Fish
Why are some fish delicious, and others disgusting? In the 19th century the US Federal Government planted European Carp in thousands of lakes and rivers, from coast to coast.  But by the mid-20th century, most Americans rejected carp as a source of food. Many other species of fish, including eels, lampreys and suckers, are considered “trash fish” and are rejected by anglers. But these same fish are considered delicacies in other places.  Millions of pounds of fish are regularly killed and thrown away as “by-catch” in commercial fisheries because there is “no market” for them. Why would perfectly edible fish be rejected?  This talk will seek some historical and anthropological answers, and discuss both successful and failed attempts to get people to eat things once considered inedible.

The lecture is in english and free of charge.