Examination Dinner for Economy and IT students

Time: 2015-06-05, 19:00 — 23:30
Location: Pulsen

The 5th of July it's time for the examination dinner to take place at Pulsen in Borås.

At 7pm there will be an aperitif followed by dinner at

The dinner contains of a main course and a dessert together with either a beer/wine/cider to the main course and coffee to the dessert.

Price: 220 kr/person
Dresscode: Suit

Apply at: https://docs.google.com/a/student.hb.se/forms/d/1hicIbZ1oE22QZLFGHpsbZhKdwZSrVMaVTXWPah587xM/viewform

Last day for registration: 15 May