Pericles F2F - Workshop

Time: 2015-05-19, 09:00 — 14:30
Location: M404
Event Type: Workshop

From Semantics of Change to Change of Semantics

Are you interested in issues related to Digital Preservation?

In that case, you are warmly invited to a workshop with researchers and project members of Pericles, who will present their current research and invite you to a discussion on salient aspects of their research on preservation of digital objects.

Pericles is a four-year project that aims to address the challenge of ensuring that digital content remains accessible in an environment that is subject to continual change. This can encompass not only technological change, but also changes in semantics, policies, academic or professional practice, or society itself, which can affect the attitudes and interests of the various stakeholders that interact with the content.

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Datum: May 19, kl. 09:00-14:30

Free of Charge