Research Utility Workshop

Time: 2015-03-11, 13:00 — 16:30
Location: A608
Event Type: Workshop

This activity is organized in line with HB’s aspirations to improve Research Utility.

You are warmly invited to a workshop that based on your own research idea and projects will help you learn more about:

-          extending the dissemination of your research beyond scholarly publications

-          identifying additional utilities of your research

-          gaining new insights about yourself and your research ambitions

-          identifying and establishing relevant networks of contacts

-          exploring ideas for future research and/or new collaborations

-          forming an action plan for your continued work

As the academic pursuits become more and more competitive, we as researchers are faced with increased demands to better understand and formulate our ideas and to clearly communicate the value of our research. This workshop will provide you an opportunity to form a better understanding of your own thoughts, and to develop your research strategies; something that could give you a competitive edge in your research pursuits and fund applications.

More details and the schedule will be distributed closer to the time, but for now please book the date.

To facilitate planning, please register your interest by emailing Nasrine Olson.