Research seminar: research-use literature

Time: 2015-03-09, 14:30 — 16:00
Location: D513
Event Type: Seminar

Ola Pilerot and Gustaf Nelhans, at the Swedish School of Library and Information Science, will present a manuscript entitled "An exploration of the research-use literature illustrated by a study of the documentary practices of social welfare workers".


Introduction. The aim of this paper is to highlight a body of literature, here termed the literature of research-use studies, which is deemed to be of potential use for the area of library and information science concerned with the connection between library and information science (LIS) research and library and information practice.

Methods. Co-citation analyses were conducted of two purposefully selected samples representing, on the one hand, the LIS literature on evidence-based practice (EBP) and, on the other hand, a body of research-use literature. For the sake of illustrating a set of key features in the research-use literature, a small-scale interview study was conducted with a group of social welfare workers.

Analysis. The interview transcripts were analysed through a lens informed by institutional ethnography and with the theoretical notions of documentary governance and the ruling relations.

Results. The LIS literature on EBP is introvert in the sense that it primarily refers to literature from within its own discipline. The heterogeneous research use-literature offers a set of concepts, which according to the small-scale interview study, are of potential use for LIS researchers studying the contingent activities of EBP.

Conclusions. There is a need for more substantial empirically grounded studies of how professional practitioners in search for evidence interact with people, information and documents. Future research within this strand can benefit from ethnographic methods and from further exploration of the literature on research-use studies.

Keywords: Evidence-based practice; Evidence-based library and information practice; Bibliometrics; Social welfare work


Organizer: The Swedish School of Library and Information Science