Workshop in Academic Writing

Time: 2016-11-01, 08:30 — 16:30
Location: Yxhammarsgården
Event Type: Staff training, Workshop

Welcome to Workshops in Academic Writing in English.

Julie Allan, guest professor at the Department of Educational Research and Development (PUF), will hold the workshop. All participating will receive the book Writing for Peer Reviewed Journals (Thomson & Kamler, 2012).

Both teachers with small experience of publishing or presenting in international context and teachers with greater experience are welcome, as well as teachers who are in the process of writing an article.

The workshop will be in English. Maximum number of participants: 12 persons. The workshops are free of charge, but cancellations after October 18th will be charged your department.

For registration and further information, please contact Susanne.stromberg_jamsvi@hb.se no later than October 18th.