Living With Indicators

Time: 2016-05-16, 10:00 — 12:00
Location: University of Borås, room C728
Event Type: Workshop

Living With Indicators: Bibliometrics And Research Evaluation In Contemporary Academia

The aim of this small workshop is to provide a forum for discussing pertinent issues relating to bibliometrics, scholarly communication and research evaluation. It is directed to teachers, researchers, and practitioners (e.g. librarians) within and outside University of Borås. The workshop starts off with three short introductions to current research projects by Alex Rushforth (CWTS, Leiden university), Fredrik Åström (Lund university) and Gustaf Nelhans (University of Borås).

Evaluation practices and knowledge production, ways of measuring the wider impact of research, the role of professionals in bibliometric evaluation, and classification as a perquisite for assessment are some of the themes that will be covered. Based on these presentations we will have an open discussion about the role of metrics and evaluation in academia.

Who: Everyone interested in bibliometrics, scholarly communication, indicator use, and research evaluation.

Please contact bjorn.hammarfelt@hb.se if you are interested in attending. There will be an opportunity to join for lunch (free of charge) - so indicate if you have any dietary restrictions when registering for the event. Last day for registering is May 6.