ArcInTexETN Ambassadors

Time: 2016-10-18, 14:00 — 14:45
Location: T154
Event Type: Lecture

ArcInTexETN is a research project financed by the EU within the framework of Marie Sklodowska Cure Actions. The project provides 15 researchers (PhD students), from different countries, the opportunity to do research both interdisciplinary and individually in architecture, interaction design and textile with focus on new, more sustainable way to live in the future. Five of the researchers will have a short presentation on their work within the project.

Ana Pineyro (Royal College of Art, London): Kinetic textiles - Using movement as design material for adaptive and responsive textile structures. As part of the ArcInTexETN program, Ana’s research deals with the exploration of textile structures for adaptive and responsive interior spaces. In this context, she is investigating the use of movement as a new layer of dynamic expression for textile structures. This presentation will focus on the material explorations conducted up to date.

Juste Peciulyte (Vilnius Academy of Art): Material Expressions within Interior Atmospheres. How can we sketch interior atmospheres with textiles? Can it become a more sensitive way to project and draft living spaces with textile material expressions? How should then we depict the emerging interactions?

Ramyah Gowrishankar (Universiteit der Künste, Berlin): Designing movement oriented textile interactions for harvesting energy in the interior environment. Exploring the interactions and practices that could be developed around energy harvesting with textiles in the interior for enabling movement and engagement.

Svenja Keune (Ludvig Svensson): Textile thinking for adaptive and responsive interior design - the scale of the interior.Viable structures: designing textile expressions of transformation by integrating edible materials

Sara Lundberg (Vilnius Academy of Art): Fashion Design - Body Forms Of Fabric.
Investigations on forms of the body through fabric structures

The presentations will be held in English.

The presentation are part of the International Week.