Days of Knowledge

Days of Knowledge - registration

Welcome to our annual event known as Days of Knowledge – a celebration of education and research at the University of Borås. This year's Days of Knowledge is part of International Week. Together with a friend you are invited to the evening dinner where grants are awarded.

Date: Wednesday, 19 October
Time: 18:00
Venue: Stadshushallen, Stadshuset, Kungsgatan 55, Borås

Registration is binding and there is a limited number of seats.

Most of the events/speeches during the evening dinner will be conducted in Swedish.

Of course you are welcome to join the official programme when it starts at 15:00 in Vestindien, Textile Fashion Center. Take part of the whole official programme (conducted in English).

The registration is closed.

If you have any questions, please contact Johanna Avadahl, communications officer.