Pericles F2F matrix

Pericles F2F

Welcome to the Pericles F2F conference 19-21 May.

Pericles is a project that aims to address the challenge of ensuring that digital content remains accessible in an environment that is subject to continual change. Pericles will take a "preservation by design" approach that involves modelling, capturing and maintaining detailed and complex information about digital content, the environment in which it exists, and the processes and policies to which it is subject.

Pericles will address these preservation challenges in two domains: digital artworks and other digital media from Tate's collections and archives; and experimental scientific data originating from the European Space Agency and International Space Station.

The project will deliver two preservation prototypes, one for each of these domains, as well as a portfolio of models, services, tools and best practice for the support of preservation ecosystem and lifecycle management.