2014-10-17 12:55

BrowZine - an app for journals

With BrowZine you can create your own bookshelf with your favorite journals and read articles on your tablet or smartphone.

The app BrowZineBrowZine is an app for tablets and smartphones that enables you to create a personal bookshelf of your favorite journals. You can browse the journals, read articles, and monitor new issues. It is possible to save and export articles.

Many of the library's journals are available through BrowZine and new ones are added continuously. Take note of the list of the publishers represented if you want to know more about the range.

To use BrowZine you have to download the app from the App Store or Google Play to your tablet or smartphone. Then go to "Settings" and select Högskolan i Borås as your library and log in with your regular credentials. Now you can start creating your own library of journals.

Do you have an opinion about Browzine? Please write a line to biblioteket@hb.se.  

You find more information about BrowZine on the website of Third Iron.