2015-08-27 14:25

Print and Collect at the Library

Print-and-collect means, just as it sounds, to first print and then pick up. Perhaps you may think that it is just how printing has always worked, but this is a bit more refined than before.

With Print and Collect you first print your document by selecting Print on your computer. When you are choosing which printer to use you choose the printer named Print-And-Collect. Then you go to any printer and hold up your chip or log in with your login information. Then on the printer you select what document you just printed and want out of the printer. The document is then printed and all you have to do is to log out of the printer.

Because of this there are some changes to the amount of printers in the Library. From now on, there are a total of seven printers available for students in the Library. Two of these are located on the ground floor, and then a printer each on floor three, four and five. The two printers on the ground floor are located near the elevator and in a space between the glass wall at the entrance to the Library and toilets. The printers on other floors are located in connection to the computer rooms. The copiers on the 1st floor will from now on serve as both printers and copiers.

If you have any trouble printing - please come ask us at the Information Point at the library entrance.