2015-02-13 14:09

Predatory publishers contacts students

Recently there have been cases of students being contacted by GlobeEdit Publishing, a predatory publisher that wants to make profit from students work. We strongly recommend caution when dealing with mass emails asking for submissions.

Usually predatory publishers are interested in you paying the publication cost to make profit off your research. In this case GlobeEdit is offering to publish your work for free, the problem is with the contract; you will loose all rights to your work and they will sell it to make money. GlobeEdit do not care about scientific quality or making your work reach a “wider audience”; they will rather work to limit the access behind a paywall. The student thesis are usually already published and available online through the university repositories.

Do you want to read more on the subject of predatory publishers - check out the report librarian Pieta Eklund has written or you can read all posts about predatory publishers in the library blog.