2015-02-11 10:21

Top researchers at digital scholarly editing conference

Europe's most eminent digital scholarly editing researchers are visiting the University of Borås. On 7-13 February, they are attending a conference to share experiences and do research.

Mats DahlströmDigital scholarly editing is an area of research that has grown enormously in recent years, with the University of Borås right at the forefront. The EU is investing heavily in this field and the university is participating in a four-year EU-funded project called DiXiT. Mats Dahlström from the Swedish School of Library and Information Science is project manager.

"The University of Borås has special expertise in the high-quality digitisation of early documents. In addition, we offer Master's courses in this field. One of the university's collaboration partners at the February conference is the National Library of Sweden in Stockholm who will be coming to Borås to set up a simple, experimental digitisation studio. There, conference participants will be able to test digitising different types of objects such as early writings, photographs, stencils and maps and then discuss the challenges involved."

Residential course for researchers

This is the third of six conferences that are planned for the four-year project.

"This is actually more like a residential course for researchers than a regular conference. Doctoral students, postdoctors, supervisors and senior researchers will be here for a whole week, participating in seminars, workshops, project meetings and supervision sessions," says Mats Dahlström.

What is digital scholarly editing?

Literary and important historical works have often been preserved in several different versions, frequently as manuscripts with text that is difficult to interpret.

"Scholars of textual criticism explore the history of such a text and then recreate, on a disciplinary foundation, a text that is historically plausible in the form of text-critical editions. Digital techniques enable researchers to use completely new methods and ways of publishing. For example, today you can create archives with digital manuscript facsimiles or apps for eReaders and other mobile devices."

Researchers from King's College in London will be leading one of the conference days which will be devoted to eReaders and mobile devices and how they can be used when creating and publishing digital editions.


Facts about the conference (DiXiT Camp 3: Academia, Cultural Heritage, Society)
7-13 February 2015
Organisers: The University of Borås in collaboration with the National Library of Sweden, the University of Graz and King's College, London.

The conference comprises lectures, seminars and workshops in the field of advanced digitisation of cultural heritage materials, apps for text editions via eReaders and mobile devices, digital preservation and the long-term handling of archive data. Researchers, doctoral students and postdoctors from ten West European universities (Cologne, Borås, the Hague, London, Antwerp, Graz, Maynooth, Lyons, Rome and Oxford) will be attending the conference.

Facts about DiXiT

DiXiT (Digital Scholarly Editions Initial Training Network) is a research project and network within digital scholarly editing. It is also linked to a research school with twelve fully-financed doctoral studentships and five postdoctor positions during the project period 2013-2017. One of the doctoral students is employed at the University of Borås and a postdoctor will be employed in the autumn of 2015. The project is funded through the EU 7th Framework Programme under Marie Curie Actions. The project manager at the University of Borås is Mats Dahlström, Swedish School of Library and Information Science.

More information:

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Mats Dahlström, senior lecturer and project manager, Tel: 0734-606638 Email: mats.dahlstrom@hb.se
Merisa Martinez, doctoral student at the DiXiT project, Tel: 033-4354382 Email: merisa.martinez@hb.se