2015-02-11 10:27

Unique book on waste management and consumption

A new, unique book on waste management and consumption, edited by Professor Karin M. Ekström, has just been released. Several researchers from the University of Borås have contributed to the book.

Karin M Ekström

A new book on waste management and consumption, with contributions from several researchers from the university, was presented at the 2 x Sustainability theme day, organised by Marketplace Borås on 29 January.

The book's title is "Waste Management and Sustainable Consumption - Reflections on Consumer Waste". It addresses the complex challenge of reducing waste to promote sustainable development. Much of the earlier research done in this field has focused on technical ways of dealing with this problem.

The importance of a consumer perspective

The book emphasizes the importance of applying a consumer perspective and of understanding the social and cultural aspects of waste management. The anthology presents philosophical reflections, practical examples and possible solutions to growing amounts of waste which has now become a global problem.

In addition to international researchers, the authors of the book are researchers from the University of Borås, including Professor Karin M. Ekström (editor), Professor Mohammad Taherzadeh, Associate Professor Nicklas Salomonson, Eva Gustafsson, docent, Daniel Hjelmgren, senior lecturer, and Kartik Rajendran, doctoral student.

"Critical discussion is essential"

The authors represent different disciplines with different environmental, economic and social perspectives, theories and methods.

The book is aimed at researchers, organisations and politicians who are interested in understanding and trying to address the problem of increased consumption and growing amounts of waste.

"A critical discussion of the consequences of consumption is not just important for sustainable development - it is essential," explains Karin M. Ekström.

The book is in English and is available in ordinary bookshops.