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High-flying creativity at EXIT15

June 3, the Graduation Exhibitions at The Swedish School of Textiles took place. The textile design and fashion design students exhibited their degree projects at EXIT15. The day began with mingling and a preliminary vernissage for specially invited industry professionals and the press. That was followed by a VIP viewing in a packed auditorium where the fashion design students' collections were shown on the catwalk.

Textile design students exhibited their work on two floors in the Textile Fashion Center at Textilmuseet. Master student Emma Dahlqvist exhibited her degree project in textile design: "It's now or näver" (a play on words where "näver" means "bark"). She has investigated the textile qualities of the material birch bark in order to find out how wood could be used as a textile.

Emma Dahlqvist

"Work has been very intense during the last few weeks and now this is like a reward. The whole EXIT15 exhibition feels really good," says Emma Dahlqvist, Master student in textile design.

The atmosphere was bustling as visitors wandered among the different degree projects during the vernissage, studying the exhibits, taking photos and selfies with the creators. The students were there to talk about their pieces of work. Amanda Nordblad's degree project "Wall-couture" was displayed by the entrance of Textilmuseet.

Amanda Nordblad

"I have been inspired by my grandmother's home; I can remember all her ornaments in great detail. In my work, I have given a lot of thought to decoration and style where the craftsmanship behind the work is the main focus.  Through handcrafted work, one can create "wall-couture", just like haute couture in fashion. All the patterns have been painted by hand and all the applications have been added afterwards," says Amanda Nordblad, Bachelor student in textile design.

Prestigious prizes were awarded

When the VIP fashion show started, all the seats were taken. Some visitors sat on the concrete floor or stood along the catwalk in order to get a good view and be able to take photographs during the show. The music started and then the audience was treated to an intensive one-hour long display of imaginative collections by The Swedish School of Textiles' fashion design students. The show ended with prestigious prizes being awarded by H&M and Swedish Fashion Council and TEKO, Sveriges Textil- och Modeföretag. Beata Aurell from H&M was the prize giver:

The degree projects by the textile design students will be displayed at the Textilmuseet all summer. Se the museum's web page for opening hours.
The collections by the fashion design students will be shown during the fashion weeks in Stockholm and London this autumn. Read more about EXIT15.
"I am very excited to be here and be able to see these garments and collections," says Beata Aurell, H&M and continued:

"From what I've seen today, many students have been working in an experimental way, using some form of investigative method for their collections. This show demonstrates that practically all the students have based their work on some sort of underlying conceptual idea. Many have also worked with construction and deconstruction. At the show today, I have been able to form a good overall picture of the students' thoughts and ideas and it's so exciting for me to share that."

Awarded students at EXIT15

Prizewinners Moa Antonsson, Camilla Arnbert, Sara Lundberg, Emilia Elfvik and Hanna Bredberg.

Swedish Fashion Council and TEKO awarded the prize in textile design to Bachelor student Hanna Bredberg's degree project ”Dear Deer” and the prize in fashion design went to Sara Lundberg and her collection ”OMG(s)” which breaks new ground with regard to what fashion can be.

"The level of creativity has been very high. It's inspiring how the graduates have been pushing at boundaries in different ways - both when it comes to purely theoretical research and to challenging the essence of what fashion actually is," says prize giver Elin Fredberg, Managing Director at Swedish Fashion Council.

Josefin Runquist

From Josefin Runquist's collection "Change in motion".

Saina Koohnavard

Saina Koohnavard, Master student in fashion design, exhibited her collection ”Made you look”:

"My collection comprises nine outfits that investigate perception. My work has been inspired by the Gestalt laws and I have applied them to clothing, layer and colour in order to investigate how we categorise a garment or form."

Sara Lundberg

Sara Lundberg was one of the recipients of a prize from Swedish Fashion Council and TEKO for her collection "OMG(s)".



  • H&M's SEK 12,000 kronor was awarded to Camilla Arnbert.
  • H&M's SEK 10,000 kronor was awarded to Moa Antonsson.
  • H&M's SEK 8,000 kronor was awarded to Emilia Elfvik.

Swedish Fashion Council and Sveriges Textil och Modeföretag (TEKO)

  • Hanna Bredberg, textile design
  • Sara Lundberg, fashion design

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