2015-03-12 17:00

Library Statistics for 2014

Every year the Library reports statistics to the National Library of Sweden. The statistics includes many different figures, such as number of loans and searches made, active patrons and number of visitors at the web site. In this article a few of the statistics that’s about to be delivered to the National Library are presented.

The National Library of Sweden is, since 2011, responsible for the part of official statistics relating to libraries in Sweden. All libraries in the country reports statistics to the National Library each year, and all statistics are then made available for public use at a web page: http://bibstat.libris.kb.se/ (only in Swedish).

The statistics sent to the National Library is comprehensive and detailed, but here's a short summary:


In 2014 the Library’s premises was visited by 292,670 people and almost as many, 232,198 people, visited the Library’s web site. The physical visits were made mostly during the first days of the week; Mondays and Tuesdays are the most popular days to visit the Library it seems. In average the Library is has around 1,500 visitors each day.


The Library’s physical collection consists of printed books, journals, magazines, newspapers, audio books etc. At the end of 2014 the Library had 113,937 printed books, 2,499 of these had been purchased during the latest year. The number of subscriptions to printed journals were 378 and to newspapers five.

But the physical collection is actually quite a small part of the Library’s total collection. The electronic collection is larger than the physical collection. The number of e-books that the Library has access to is 205,071, the number of e-journals 68,769 and the number of newspaper in electronic format 720.

According to Martin Borg who is responsible for the Library’s collection, the fact that the e-collection is larger than the physical collection is something the Library is working consciously for. To offer the users e-books and e-articles is a part of the Library’s policy on Information management: “In the choice of media formats, the electronic editions should be priority”.


The vast majority of the library materials is searchable through the discovery system Summon – and in Summon 679,946 searches was made during 2014.

The measurement of use of materials differs depending on the format of the material. The statistics for physical books are based on the number of loans made, while the statistics for e-materials are the number of downloads. Statistics for physical journals/articles are not available, since the Library doesn’t lend any of its physical journals.

In 2014, 32,034 loans were made at the Library and these loans were made by a total of 5,101 patrons that made at least one loan during the year.

The e-collection was used in the following way: 329,145 downloads of articles, 2,187 downloads of entire e-books and 299,990 downloads of sections of books were made.