2015-05-12 09:31

How do we preserve digital information for the future?

How do we ensure that digital content remains accessible in an environment that is constantly changing? The University of Borås and the PERICLES project invite you to a workshop about digital preservation on May 19th.

Sándor DarányiThe University of Borås is a part of the four-year EU project, PERICLES, which aims to address the challenges of ensuring that digital contents remain accessible in an environment that is subject to continual change.

Professor Sándor Darányi speaks about the importance of recognizing these challenges:

– I don’t think there are a lot of people who are aware of the fact that information stored on, for example, DVD:s may be lost in six or seven years. The workshop will open up for a broad discussion about digital preservation, why it is so important, and what technologies there are. 

The changes addressed by PERICLES encompass not only technological change, but also changes in semantics, policies, academic or professional practice, which can affect the attitudes and interests of the various stakeholders that interact with the content, or even society itself.

In addition to conducting research within the project, we at the University of Borås also lead a project work-package dedicated to training.

Nasrine Olson, the leader of the training work package adds:

– We intend to share the emerging state-of-art project findings broadly with all those who may be interested in the issues of digital preservation. This workshop is only one of the many activities towards that pursuit. Other similar activities have already taken place and will continue to do so in different countries around Europe. We further intend to introduce the knowledge gained within PERICLES in different courses and educational programmes; as part of this we are currently considering the development of a PhD course on related issues.

Dr Mark Hedges, King's College London is looking forward to the consortium in Borås:

– The PERICLES team is particularly looking forward to discuss how linked resources can address change on an abstract level by offering a formal representation of evolving digital ecosystems. We are also keen to involve participants in an open-space session to understand how the issue of semantic drift and change in other areas might be relevant in their domain of research and/or archival practice.

Welcome to join the worskhop

Time: Tuesday 19 maj kl. 9:00 – 14:30
M404, University of Borås
Register, no later than May 15th


Promoting and Enhancing Reuse of Information throughout the Content Lifecycle taking account of Evolving Semantics (PERICLES) – is an Integrated Project funded by the European Union under its Seventh Framework Programme (ICT Call 9).

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