2015-05-27 10:30

The first Library Council Meeting

The first Library Council meeting of the year. And the first meeting since the organisation and name change.

The council is represented by students and employees from different parts of the University of Boras, and also has a spot for external representation from other Swedish university libraries. The purpose of the council is to:

  • be consultative to the library director regarding the strategic development of the library,
  • develop and distribute the policy of the library,
  • look after the research and educational impact to the library,
  • be an arena for information exchange between the library and the academic schools, the students and the outside world and
  • lead strategic discussions about the library's activities.

There have just been a representation change in the council and all members except that of the chairman and secretary have been replaced. The representation changes continuously and the term of office is 1 year for students and 3 years for other council members. 

You can find more information about the council members and the councils tasks at The Library Council.