Anna Dobler and Rikard Petrorius.

2016-04-28 14:00

Mentor programme a gateway to friendship and culture

Rikard Petrorius, nursing student from Sweden, and Anna Dobler, exchange student in textile design from Germany, have become good friends thanks to the mentor programme for international students at the University of Borås.

Why did you sign up for the mentor programme?

Anna:  I thought it was a good opportunity to meet new people. I also found it convenient having someone in Borås who could give me further information on the student life.

Rikard: I wanted to meet people from different countries and saw this as a fun way to improve my English.

Anna, how did you react when Rikard contacted you and introduced himself as your mentor?

I got so happy when I received the e-mail! Rikard was really nice and eager to see if I had any questions he could help me with. It made me feel at ease about going to a new country.

What is your experience on the mentor programme?

Rikard: It has been above my expectations. Instead of being handed a mentee, I got a friend.

Anna: I agree. Even though we both have been busy during the exam periods, we have always made sure to stay in contact with each other.

What have you learned so far through the mentor programme?

Anna: I have integrated with the Swedish culture in a natural way by having Rikard by my side. He introduced me to new things from the start.

Rikard: Thanks to Anna I have been able to see things from a different perspective, like how it is to come to Sweden from another country. We are studying totally different subjects, but Anna took me to an exhibition on how textile was used within the nursing area, which made me understand that textile is used for much more than I thought.

The University of Borås offers the mentor programme to all new international students. Current students can sign up to become mentors and get to know new people and cultures.

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