2016-08-29 14:35

The Library search service has been updated

Summon has been updated regarding the user interface and functionality.


In general, the update is made to improve and simplify the use of Summon and to make the 
user interface more responsive for mobile devices. Comments and requests from users have been the basis for updating the interface. The launch was preceded by tests with users during the summer.

One major change concerns the display of records. Previously, detailed information about 
a record was shown in the right column when hovering the title of the record. In the new 
interface, detailed information about a record is displayed directly in the results list 
when you click on "Preview".

Further news:

  • More functionality is collected in the records
  • Exclude/include directly in the facets
  • The demarcation of the date made easier
  • Summon works better with mobile devices

When the update was made at the end of week 34, there may be slight disturbances in the 
search service in the near future.

To try the new interface, do a search in the search box on the library's home page, or 
go to the Summons homepage. If you have questions or concerns about Summon, please 
contact the library: biblioteket@hb.se.