Kliniskt träningscentrum vid Högskolan i Borås

2017-01-11 21:00

Doctoral students to the new research education programme

The University of Borås is launching a new doctoral education programme in health sciences to meet the health care challenges facing society. In early 2017, six PhD positions will be announced within the newly established field known as the Human Perspective in Care.

Last spring, the University of Borås was awarded rights to grant doctoral degrees within yet another area--the Human Perspective in Care. A new doctoral education programme is soon to be a reality. The investment will help to make health care more humane, safe, and secure for patients, patients' relatives, and care staff.

In February, six PhD positions will be announced for the doctoral education programme, which starts in April.

Become a PhD student within the Human Perspective in Care

To be accepted, an advanced degree in the subject of health sciences or a related discipline judged to be relevant is required. Doctoral education is four years, but normally, doctoral students also teach or perform other administrative tasks for 20% of the time, which means a total of five years of study. The programme comprises 60 ECTS credits for the doctoral courses and 180 ECTS credits for the doctoral thesis. A primary supervisor and at least one assistant supervisor leads, supports, and challenges the doctoral student during the study period.

"This is a strategically important investment, not only for us at the University of Borås but for society at large. We work closely with Southern Älvsborg hospital and when it comes to prehospital emergency care, we are nationally leading. We have much to contribute," says Lotta Dalheim Englund, Dean of the Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare at the University of Borås.

Current doctoral students are offered a place in Borås

The university has, for many years, engaged in research in the health sciences and has a rich research environment within the subject. Already, doctoral students form a part of the environment even if they, until now, have been enrolled at other universities. From April, they may be offered a place in Borås. The goal is eventually to educate 20 doctoral students in-house.

In total, the University of Borås has five rights to grant doctoral degrees in four areas: Library and Information Science, the Human Perspective in Care, Resource Recovery and Textiles and Fashion (general and artistic).

Text: Rebecca Lindholm
Photo: Suss Wilén
Translation: Eva Medin