2016-02-11 16:34

Doctoral students at the library

The faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare arranged an introduction for their doctoral students, and we at the library had the opportunity to be in charge of a part of the day.

Doktorandbiljett av Johan Norling

During our part of the introduction we talked about the research support we provide in topics connected to reference management, information retrieval and publishing. We offered some fruit and coffe to make it easier to pay attention to the presentations and it seems to have payed of, with questions and engaged discussions. 

After the fika and disscussions we went down to the library birches and told some history regarding the spikning ceremony. The visit ended with mingle, light snacks and non alcoholic cider.


After this introduction we have had contact with some of the participants and had more individual guidance in some topics. If you as a doctoral student or researcher want to know more about things like Endnote, reference management and Information retrieval or if you want to ask something else library related, don't be afraid to contact us.