2016-02-04 14:07

Refugee Crisis Prompts Swedish Conference in Catastrophe Medicine

The European refugee crisis and its implications for emergency medical services and the safety of public services staff in Sweden is to be a major topic of the University of Borås’s PreHospen Conference 9-11 March in Borås, Sweden.

Eva Medin– The challenges of providing services to the large groups of refugees coming to Sweden while maintaining safety for emergency services personnel has prompted us to shift focus at this year’s conference. Experts and professionals can share knowledge on how to cope with this totally unique situation, said Research Officer Eva Medin of Sweden’s University of Borås.

Anneli Eriksson formerly of Doctors Without Borders, now Stockholm's Karolinska Institute, will hold a keynote address and workshop about the refugee crisis and health needs in catastrophes. Brian Maguire, an expert in ambulance safety and former consultant for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security in bioterrorism, pandemic, and disaster preparedness, will dialog about safety issues for emergency workers.

– Sweden and Europe are struggling with the refugee situation and its implications for public services. We at the University of Borås intend for this conference to develop knowledge that is critical to adapting to this new reality, added Eva Medin.

For more information about the 7th PreHospen Conference in Prehospital Emergency Care at the University of Borås, 9-11 March 2016 or

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Birgitta Wireklint Sundström, Senior Lecturer at PreHospen – Centre for Prehospital Research at the University of Borås, at birgitta.wireklint.sundström@hb.se.