2016-06-30 11:30

Textile design students win London success

The New Designers show is currently under way in London. It features example designs in areas ranging from illustration and animation to furniture, textiles and fashion. Textile design degree students from the Swedish School of Textiles are there showing their degree work collections. They are doing this so well that they have taken a prize for the best stand in the show.

“The Swedish School of Textiles has a very good reputation. This, in combination with what we are showing in London, contributed to the win,” says Margareta Zetterblom, faculty programme director for the bachelor programme in textile design.

Students from both the bachelor and master programmes are taking part in New Designers. The stand they have put up shows off their textile work. New Designers’ arrangers state that the prize is prestigious and will help the winners in their future design careers. 

“We’ve received comments from the jury and teachers at other universities. They wonder who we are, showing samples of work that is of an entirely different quality and seemingly ‘playing in a higher division’,” reveals a proud Olof Harbecke, head of the Department of Design at the Swedish School of Textiles.

Read more about the textile design students’ exhibition at the New Designers website and see more of the degree collections at EXIT16.se.