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An emphasis on research that has paid off

The emphasis on a complete research environment with high quality doctoral education has resulted in 27 graduates from doctoral programmes at the University of Borås since 2010.

Rektor Björn BrorströmAfter the reform in 2010, which meant that the University of Borås gained the right to grant doctoral degrees, the number of graduates from doctoral programmes has increased at lightning speed. The University of Borås has granted doctoral degrees to 27 people. Of the other institutions that also received the right to grant doctorates, Halmstad University comes in next in line with eight.  

– First and foremost, this number of doctoral degrees implies that our doctoral students have been very successful and that we have contributed to a well-functioning educational and research environment. It is with great pleasure that we note that the quality of our doctoral education is demonstrably high. The university has shown that we deserve the right to offer doctoral educational that we were awarded in 2010, says Björn Brorström, Vice-Chancellor at the University of Borås.

– In our endeavours to build complete academic environments with a view towards becoming a full university, we are greatly strengthened by the success of our own doctoral education programmes. 27 defended dissertations in a short time brings us closer to being the third university in West Sweden, says Björn Brorström.

Number of doctorates granted by the University of Borås 2010-2015:

12 within Resource Recovery
8 within Textile and Fashion
7 within Library and Information Science

Apart from the large number of doctorates granted, during 2015 the university also experienced an increase in external research funding.

– I am proud that our researchers are so successful at obtaining research funding. During the last year, the university’s research funding increased from 74 million Swedish crowns to 82 million Swedish crowns, says Björn Brorström.  

An additional element in the work to strengthen research has been the establishment of the Grants and Innovation Office (GIO), a unit that supports instructors and researchers in the application process.

– The staff at GIO provides fantastic support to our instructors and researchers in the funding application process. GIO has and will continue to have great importance for being able to continue to  increase research financing and create more stable economic possibilities for research, which naturally will also benefit doctoral education programmes and our doctoral students, says Björn Brorström.

Annika BergmanOne support with several functions

– We develop a qualified and accessible support function to which it is a matter of course to turn with questions about research and innovation, regardless of whether you are a researcher, Dean of Faculty, or administrator, says Annika Bergman, Director of GIO.  

Since GIO was established in 2014, it has grown from two to six people. They now have the ability to offer a greater variety of support.

– During our first year at the university, we successfully brought in the specialists we had hoped for and today we have excellent capabilities within financing, law, and utilisation. All were in place in September 2015 and we could then fully provide support to grant applications. We have worked with creating work methods as well as going out and introducing ourselves so that researchers know that we are here and what we can provide support with.

– As we are a team with several different functions, we always have someone who can help and provide support, and we encourage suggestions on strategic efforts to strengthen research at the university. We have a lot of direct contact and individual meetings with researchers which means that we receive feedback quickly and can develop our support as a result, says Annika Bergman.

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