2016-04-01 08:33

BrowZine journals

BrowZine has been updated and now provides access to the library's journals, both via computer and mobile devices.

BrowZine journalsFor some years, we have had the service BrowZine to browse and monitor journals through mobile devices. Now BrowZine is updated with functionality that makes it possible to use the service via computer and mobile devices, and keep your devices in sync.

One of the major advantages of BrowZine is that it provides a single entry point to the library's range of electronic journals. This means that most electronic journals can be monitored from one platform. You can build a library of your favourite journals and monitor when new issues come. And perhaps best of all, your devices are kept in sync!

In BrowZine you can browse journals by subject, or search them on the title or subject. If you do a title search in BrowZine, you can also see the journals thematic placement, which can lead you to discover more journals in the same subject.

Below, an image of the interface to BrowZine Library.

BrowZine Library