2016-03-10 22:00

Takahashi – renowned re-designer at the school

Sparbanksstiftelsen Sjuhärad has created a Design Residency that gives a promising international designer the opportunity to work at The Swedish School of Textiles at the University of Borås. The first guest designer will be one of the pioneers within re-design, Mariko Takahashi from the company Schmidttakahashi.

– Working in the university environment with students and instructors is a great opportunity for us to develop our design philosophy. In particular, I look forward to fruitful discussions with young and ambitious design students, says Mariko Takahashi.

Sparbanksstiftelsen Design Residency means that promising young international designers receive the opportunity to work during a semester or part of a semester in the School of Textiles’s lab to develop their own work and to develop the field of fashion design at the Swedish School of Textiles and Textile Fashion Center.

From March to June, Mariko Takahashi will be guest designer; she will also hold a lecture and a day-long workshop. Moreover, the work she does at the Swedish School of Textiles will be exhibited at the Textile Museum in September.
– She has a unique competence that has not traditionally been found at the University of Borås. She will have the opportunity here to develop in a new environment and at the same time we will have the opportunity to develop, says Clemens Thornquist, Professor and head of department for the area of design.

The company Schmidttakahashi, with locations in Berlin and Japan, is considered a pioneer within sustainable fashion. This is largely because of its business idea that is based on a completely new design strategy within re-design.
– The big challenge really is to get people to use old or remade products. But Schmidttakahashi works with a different strategy to put garments together, which is very different from others in re-design. That’s what we think is so interesting, continues Clemens Thornquist.
– They also have a large network within sustainable fashion in Berlin. They work to support each other instead of competing. That is an additional reason why it is so great that she is coming here. 

Mariko Takahasi was at the top of the Swedish School of Textiles’s list, so it was with great pleasure that Clemens Thornquist found out that she accepted the role of guest designer. 
– We are also thankful to Sparbanken for showing such an interest in our institution and making this chance possible for us.