2016-05-20 08:52

Top marks for the university’s academic ceremony

On the 13th of May, with due pomp at its annual academic ceremony, the University of Borås inaugurated three professors and conferred seven doctoral degrees. University Chancellor Harriet Wallberg attended the ceremony this year and gave a speech at the subsequent mix and mingle:

“I would award the University of Borås’s academic ceremony top marks. It was fantastically well executed and beautifully balanced.”

This year’s ceremony was held in the Textile Fashion Center. Professor Berit Lindahl gave the traditional speech by a professor and the seven doctorates were then conferred. Additionally, the appointment of a docent was formally marked and the 2015 pedagogical prize was presented to the winning teaching team.

University Chancellor Harriet Wallberg frequently attends academic ceremonies. She has given herself just over two years to achieve the goal of attending a ceremony at each of the country’s higher education institutions.

“An academic ceremony is proof that research and education at a higher education institution are growing and developing. For me, it is enormously inspiring and interesting to see how the various universities and colleges organise their ceremonies. They are a fantastic tradition and celebrate knowledge, something that is truly positive.” 

Impressed by the University of Borås

The Chancellor had only positive impressions of the University of Borås.

“I am impressed by the University of Borås, Vice-Chancellor Björn Brorström’s work and how the university has successfully profiled itself to be the best in several fields. This is something that can inspire and be of use to other higher education institutions. To be able to compete nationally and internationally, it is important that a higher education institution has a clear profile. This is why it is really pleasing to see that Borås is actively working to establish itself as the best.”

Three new professors were inaugurated:

Berit Lindahl, Professor of Caring Science
Annemaree Lloyd, Professor of Library and Information Science
Linda Worbin, Professor of Textile Design

Seven new doctorates were conferred:

Behnaz Baghaei, Doctor of Philosophy in Resource Recovery - Polymer Technology
Fatimat Oluwatoyin Bakare-Batula, Doctor of Philosophy in Resource Recovery - Polymer Technology
Jorge Ferreira, Doctor of Philosophy in Resource Recovery - Biotechnology
Barbara Jansen, Doctor of Philosophy in Design - Textile Design
Karin Landahl, Doctor of Philosophy in Design - Fashion Design
Linnéa Nilsson, Doctor of Philosophy in Design
Sunil Kumar Ramamoorthy, Doctor of Philosophy in Resource Recovery - Polymer Technology


Isabell Fridh, docent in Caring Science