2016-11-02 11:43

Ebook Central replaces Ebrary

The e-book platform Ebrary has been replaced by the new ProQuest platform for e-books - Ebook Central. The books are also searchable in Summon.

During the week we have made the transition to ProQuest's new platform for e-books - Ebook Central. The changes are not huge but the interface has improved somewhat and work better on different devices such as PC:s, tablets and smart phones.

The new platform let's you use your HB account to log in. That way, you don't need to create a specific account for Ebook Central. 

If you have saved books in Ebrary, there are opportunities to transfer them to your Ebook Central account. Instructions on how it works can be found in the Bookshelf in the header of the Ebook Central.

Do want to know more about Ebook Central? Go to the webpage ProQuest Ebook Central.

Text: Klaz Arvidson
Image: ProQuest