Rihanna in pink jacket. Screen shot from Instagram

2016-10-06 09:53

Rihanna wears fashion student’s jacket

During Paris Fashion Week, world-famous artist Rihanna could be seen mingling in a large, pink jacket. The garment was designed by fashion design student Ella Boucht of The Swedish School of Textiles.

The jacket is a part of Ella Boucht’s thesis collection “Claiming Space” and was discovered by Rihanna’s stylist when the students showed their collections during Fashion Week Stockholm.

“I received a message from the stylist one morning and had to pinch myself before I understood that I was awake. Then some garments were sent to Paris for Fashion Week.” During the weekend, pictures of Rihanna in the pink jacket were sent out and since then the newly-graduated student hasn’t had a quiet moment.

“My email and social media accounts have been swamped and the telephone has been dinging constantly. I can hardly keep up. It’s crazy how two photos of the right person can create such a boom in the media,” says Ella Boucht, who has received many different offers.

Jacket that takes up space

The collection of which the jacket is a part examines how scale and lace can develop existing garments; in this case, sportswear.

“I have worked with how the scale and the materials together create a wholeness in relation to the body and the wearer. The name ‘Claiming Space’ comes from how the wearer is affected by the garment and how the collection takes up space through its large volume, material, and colour.”

Besides showing their thesis collections in Borås, the fashion design student’s collections are shown during both Stockholm’s and London’s fashion weeks, something that apparently gives results.

“It is very important and an important chance, as a newly-graudated student, to be able to reach such a large audience in those contexts. A lot of doors get opened and contacts made.”

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Translation: Eva Medin