Ishtar Aldali.

2016-10-20 16:20

Work as a social worker – goal after studies at Immigrant Academy

Ishtar Aldali left war-torn Syria three years ago and came to Sweden. She had to leave her work as a social worker behind. At Immigrant Academy at the University of Borås, she hopes now to get the opportunity to be able to work in her field again.

For one year she will intensively study Swedish language, culture, society, and work life.

“I study at Immigrant Academy because I need Swedish 3 and because it will be easier for me to get a job. I have an academic education from my country and would like to work as a social worker again, a job that, to a great degree, is composed of writing documentation. Here at Immigrant Academy, we learn how to write in an academic way, which I believe would be good for such a job.”

Ishtar Aldali
From: Syria
Degree: Social work degree from Syria
Previously done: Worked as a social worker, team leader, sociologist, and acting director for ten years for the UN.
Studies: Swedish as a second language for foreign academics for a sustainable society and work life 1-60 ECTS credits at Immigrant Academy. Began at Immigrant Academy in autumn 2016.

How did you come into contact with Immigrant Academy?

”I found out about Immigrant Academy from several friends who attended and through Adult Education (Vuxenutbildningen) here in Borås where I studied Swedish for foreign academics.”

What do you do in your studies?

“We write and discuss and learn how Swedish society works.”

What do you think about the education you receive at Immigrant Academy?

”I think it is really good. It is tough and intense and you have to spend a lot of time studying at home, but it is going well. I hope I can complete the educational programme. I work hard to reach my goals. We learn a lot and have very good instructors who help us to gain the knowledge we need.”

What is the best thing about the studies?

”That we get the opportunity to develop our knowledge and capabilities in the Swedish language. I like the civics knowledge, too, as that part is similar to what I studied in my earlier education.”

How has it gone up until today?

”It has gone very well. It is very interesting and I am very pleased with the studies.”

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Text and photo: Solveig Klug