Philip Hearsum and Kaimar Karu.

2016-10-03 15:35

AXELOS wants input from InnovationLab on ITIL

Two representatives from AXELOS visited this year’s ITSM conference at the University of Borås last week. One purpose with the visit was to obtain feedback from the research group InnovationLab on the recently released book “ITIL Practitioner Guidance” that businesses and municipalities around the world will use to develop service innovation and business models.

Kaimar Karu, Product and Development Manager at AXELOS, is the first author of the recently published “ITIL Practitioner” and was the keynote speaker during this year’s ITSM conference at the University of Borås. Philip Hearsum, ITIL’s Portfolio Manger, has previously attended the ITSM Conference a few times and has gotten to know Professor Stefan Cronholm and Lecturer Hannes Göbel; this has led to collaboration with the University of Borås. Among other things, the research group InnovationLab performs some research for AXELOS. The university has also initiated and developed a Nordic research group together with other Nordic universities to contribute to larger research projects within the EU. Philip Hearsum is also a member of this group and contributes his knowledge. He notes the importance of collaboration between academia and the business community:

“We are always interested in working with leading organisations within business and academia in order to ensure that what we produce will be of benefit today and in the future. We believe that Service Management will be ever more important when we go from a purely technological era to an era of Service Management in which the coming generations’ service and its consumption is crucial. Therefore, it’s necessary for us to collaborate with universities as they do not just work with the new generation, but also use research and have the capabilities that tomorrow’s students need to belong in the coming environments,” says Philip Hearsum.

Wants viewpoints

This year’s visit to the University of Borås had three primary purposes.

”At the conference, we spoke about guidance from “ITIL Practitioner,” a handbook and assessment test that we have just released. We wanted to meet Swedish entrepreneurs and Stefan Cronholm and Hannes Göbel to get their feedback. And we wanted to hear how the work in the Nordic research group is progressing.”

Stefan Cronholm and his research colleagues were very pleased with the visit from AXELOS.

”AXELOS has asked our research group InnovationLab for a critical review of “ITIL Practitioner” that businesses and municipalities around the world will use to develop service innovations and business models. ITIL has taken great strides from a product-oriented viewpoint to supporting businesses to be more service-oriented. This is what the latest ITIL book, in a series of six, has attempted to demonstrate,” says Stefan Cronholm.

Unique opportunity to make an influence

”We will discuss the book from established service theories, for example ”service dominant logic” and our own theoretical starting points during a seminar. As ITIL is world-leading, this means a unique opportunity for our research group to influence the formation of a common ITIL framework and thereby disseminate our research results. Besides sharing our views, we will be able to use the seminar as a basis for writing a paper in which our viewpoints, comments, and questions can be directly addressed by key persons within AXELOS.”

The world’s most used framework

AXELOS is the owner of several large frameworks, among them ITIL, PRINC2, and RESILIA. The company offers training and certification within these frameworks worldwide. Currently, it conducts assessments in over 180 countries in a number of languages. A part of this work includes understanding new innovations and developing handbooks for “the real world.”

Facts about ITIL

ITIL, Information Technology Infrastructure Library, is a collection of principles for the management of IT services in which the focus is on the IT services’ adaptation to the needs that come up in the workplace.

The ITIL framework is the world’s most used framework for IT Service Management. It is a practical way to answer the questions of how one identifies, plans, delivers, and supports IT services with the help of, among other things, processes.

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