2016-09-06 08:22

Open access without APC with Springer Compact

With a newly signed agreement, you as a researcher at the University of Borås can publish in Springer's journals open access without having to worry about the writing fee.

Springer building at night Berlin

The University of Boras has as a part of the Bibsam consortium signed a pilot agreement with Springer. The agreement gives researchers the possibility to publish articles open access without paying the article processing charge (APC), as the APC is included in the license agreement.

For you as an author this means that you, if you get an article accepted by a springer hybrid or open access journal, you will see a text in the registration process indicating free open access. More information the registration process can be found thrugh the blog Research related.  

Last week the first article was registered open access through the new agreement. The article was verified and we hope that there will be an increased number of articles published thrugh this open access model in the future.

You can read more about the agreement at springers press release