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2016-09-08 09:35

Stricter observance of the exam rules

From this autumn semester the university will apply a stricter observance to the rules for examinations and the registration to examinations.

Why is this? Agneta Karlsson, in charge of the examination administration at the Student Centre, explains:

“At the Student Centre we want to emphasize to the students that we do have rules. The purpose of the rules is to provide legal certainty and a peaceful environment at the exams. Starting this autumn, we will strictly follow the rules that we apply at the university, but also be much stricter when students refer to reasons for a late registration. We have also clarified and improved the registration process”.

Changes in the registration process

  • The registration module has been improved and it will no longer be possible to unregister by accident
  • The capacity of the examination room/hall is based on the number of students registered for the examination on time.
  • The information on the webpage has been updated and clearly highlights the rule for the registration to the exam

Rules for exams

  • Registration for the examination Students must register for the exam online at Ladokportalen at University of Borås website no later than seven (7) days prior to the exam.
  • Students who have not been able to register due to technical problems should contact the Student Reception to make a late registration and will then be admitted in to the examination room/hall 30 minutes after the exam has started. This applies only if there are seats available.

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