2017-04-26 15:59

Film from the latest GEM: Research that changes society 3

19 April, the third lecture on the university’s research areas was held. The lecture was held in English and here you can watch the movie.

GEM stands for "Gränsöverskridande EftermiddagsMöte" (translates to border-crossing afternoon meetings) and are seminars for the staff. Under the heading Research that changes society, the focus was on the university’s research area Textile and Fashion.

Three presentations were given. First was Professor Vincent Nierstrasz, who spoke about "Resource effective processes for functional and smart textiles". Then came Professor Clemens Thornquist under the heading "What is it?". Last but not least was Professor Karin M Ekström under the heading "Consumption of clothes in a sustainable society". 

GEM - seminars for the staff

GEM stands for "Gränsöverskridande EftermiddagsMöte" (translates to border-crossing afternoon meetings). During the semester Vice-Chancellor Björn Brorström invites the staff at the university to seminars and meetings on different themes. The seminars are mostly held in Swedish. A seminar usually starts with a lecture on a specific subject and is followed by an open discussion. Read about GEM.

Information about celebrating the university’s 40th anniversary

Text: Johanna Avadahl
Translation: Linda Lindstedt