Clare Johnston

2017-03-17 08:00

Distinguished efforts honoured – first honorary doctorate awarded

Clare Johnston is being awarded the university's first honorary doctorate. She is being conferred an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts in Textiles and Fashion at the University of Borås in conjunction with this year's professorial inauguration and doctoral degree conferment ceremony on 5 May.

"It is a great honour and surprise to be awarded the Honorary Doctorate by the University of Borås. Although I have worked in the textile industry and education for over 40 years, it still feels that there is so much to learn about this vast, ever-changing, and evolving subject, which impacts on so many areas of our lives from cradle to grave. It is a privilege and pleasure to work in such an exciting field and to work with the staff and students of the Swedish School of Textiles on our shared passion and enthusiasm for textiles," says Clare Johnston.

An honorary doctorate is an expression of the university's appreciation of an individual's very distinguished efforts at the university.

Clare Johnston has worked for many years as a textile designer and is a professor emeritus and senior research fellow at the Royal College of Art in London as well as guest professor at the University of Borås. She is also active within the network ArcInTex, initiated by the University of Borås, where she is important to the development of the university's international presence in the textile design field.

An honorary doctor is a person who has meant and means a lot for the university's development. The university can as a result of the rights to grant doctoral degrees, give accolades to people who are important to the university via honorary doctorates.

"It is very satisfying that our first honorary doctor, Clare Johnston, has chosen to accept the award and reception of the doctor's hat," says Björn Brorström, Vice-Chancellor of the University of Borås.

"To award Clare Johnston with an Honorary Doctorate of Fine Arts in Textiles and Fashion is a sign of how much the university appreciates the role she has played, and plays, the university's internationalisation within the arts," says Hanna Landin, Chairperson of the Artistic Research and Education Board.

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Text: Johanna Avadahl
Photo: Suss Wilén
Translation: Eva Medin